Areas of expertise

The consortium has a strong competency in:

  • Renewable solutions (wind, sun, biomass and waste)
  • Waste to sustainable energy solutions (less landfields)
  • Transportation and trafic solutions (less air polution, more efficient traffic)
  • Liveability solutions (climate adaptation plans, play grounds)


A way to a successful green energy system

Successful green energy technology development projects need to embrace five arenas
according to our experience from the Danish and international projects:

  1. The political arena
  2. The technical arena
  3. The organisational arena
  4. The economic arena
  5. The cross-disciplinary community arena

Sustainable Platforms brings the central stakeholders to collaborate.

Often you see that technicians only work with technicians and politicians with politicians.
By bringing all the central stakeholders together in a common co-creative process,
we succeed in making and implementing realistic sustainable energy and waste plans and systems.


Sustainable Platforms Working Model

By using our arena model, policy planners etc. can:

  1. Formulate sustainable strategic goals and policies at the state and community level
  2. Analyse existing energy and renewable systems and list possible alternatives
  3. Calculate different financial and technical models
  4. Analyse and facilitate the necessary political and organisational changes
  5. Plan training activities, organisational structures and change management
  6. Prepare proposals for investments in renewables