cop2Denmark has long successful experience planning and implementing sustainable energy plans.

Our consortium consists of persons with long national and international experience in the energy industry and political sector. Besides the persons below, there are representatives from two Danish islands (Bornholm and Samsø), and two cities (Copenhagen and Sønderborg) which have realised the vision of sustainability.

Below you find a short description of our core working group.

Core working group in Denmark

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard – CEO and founder of Greenovation

Bo Asmus is committed to finding solutions that combine sustainability and quality of life! He has established Greenovation Holding as a platform for his current work and collaborations, where he offers consultancy in sustainability, urban development, green mobility, sustainable business growth, coaching in leadership and political management.

As Mayor of Copenhagen for several years and chairman/member of a number of major environmental companies, he had the opportunity to realise numerous sustainable projects. He has been involved in the development of the old Copenhagen as a modern city with wind turbines, harbour swimming, super bike lanes, 100.000 more trees, climate adaptation and an ambition to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

Bo Asmus is a graduate in political science from Aarhus University. He worked as a secretary for minister, manager at a government institution and project manager at major projects. Besides Greenovation, Bo Asmus has co-founded Aqua Green ApS.

Steffen Löfvall – CEO and co-founder of cph:learning

Steffen is an expert within strategic management and change processes. Steffen has worked as a researcher and advisor for several leading universities, private companies and public agencies. During the last 10 years, he has primarily been engaged in strategy and technology project organised according to the latest research on network governance, co-creation and action learning.

Steffen is co-founder and director of the research-based consultancy company cph:learning. Steffen holds a MSc. in strategic management and a Ph.D. in strategy and technology driven development processes in public agencies in order to cope with public reforms and radical changes.

Steffen is external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, the IT-university of Copenhagen and the University of Copenhagen. Here he teach and supervise experienced top managers at the executive master programs. Since 1995 Steffen has also developed state of the art management training programs for Danish and international companies.

Ib Larsen – Waste expert

Ib Larsen is a former CEO at Copenhagen Environmental Protection Agency, chariman and member of the board of directors at a number of waste management companies, teamleader and senior advisor at several international waste management projects.

Ib has done comprehensive research in waste management at Danish universities.

Kaare Sandholt – Chief Expert at China National Renewable Energy Centre

Kaare is an expert in energy planning, renewable energy integration and energy policy implementation. Kaare is the Chief Advisor for the China National Renewable Energy Centre as part of the Energy Research Institute under the National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing, working with policy strategy research for the Chinese government.

He has worked with energy planning in the Danish Energy Agency, with power system planning and operation within the Danish power sector and with energy planning internationally as consultant. Kaare holds a MSc. in energy planning from the Danish Technical University and a Master of Management Development from Copenhagen Business School.

Helge Ørsted Pedersen – Former director in Elkraft company and Co-founder of Ea Energi Analyses

Helge is an expert in long-term energy scenarios and cross-sectoral analyses as well as R&D Energy planning. He is the co-founder of the international consultacy company EA Energianalyse, which has developed national energy plans for the Baltic countries, and now South Africa and Mexico.

Helge is the former Director of Elkraft company and been working as Head of division at the Danish Energy Department and been working in the Danish Ministry of Industry and the Danish Enviromental Protection Agency. Helge holds a MSc. in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Mikael Togeby – Partner at Ea Energy Analyses

Mikael Togeby has extensive experience as manager of large projects. In recent years, Mikael has worked with electricity market analyses and development, demand response, SmartGrids and integration of renewable energy.

Mikael has extensive knowledge and experience on energy efficiency policy and evaluation of public policy. M. Sc and Ph.D. from the technical University of Denmark.

International partners

Sustainable Platforms has a strategy for gradually building international collaboration with green energy experts in different regions.