Copenhagen Bicycle Superhighways connects the city with the metropolitan areas

Are you familiarised with Copenhagen’s Bicycle Superhighways?

Since the first route of this network was opened in 2012, bicycle superhighways are used every day by thousands of citizens to commute to office, school or university. With new five routes completed on May 2, 2017, 115 kilometres have been added to the network. The goal is to make inter-municipality bike trips easier for citizens of the region.

The overall project of Supercykelstier covers 467 km, from which 206 km are expected to be finished by 2018. This ambitious initiative can only be successful through a close cooperation between municipalities. The State subsidies 50% of the project in order to make it affordable for municipalities surrounding Copenhagen. Besides, the municipalities have reached an agreement where each of them is responsible for running and maintaining its own part of the route.

Below you can see some pictures of the Supercykelstier projected on mayor cities from different countries, like Barcelona, London, Paris and Toronto.

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